Planning for the ACP ‘Assembly’

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Planning for the ACP ‘Assembly’
Early in the New Year the Planning Group (consisting of four members of the ACP and four lay
people) was established and the group met for the first time in February 2012 to commence their
work – again Marianella was the venue. In the course of the second meeting, while the focus was
primarily on the detailed planning of the ACP ‘assembly’, the concept of forming an ‘umbrella group’
for the laity was raised. The proposal emerged in the context of the encouraging progress made by
the new priests association, the ACP, and the lack of a similar representative organisation for the lay
faithful. It was acknowledged at the time that there were a number of established lay groups
pursuing a reform agenda. However, it was felt, given the very serious crisis in the church in Ireland,
that there was an urgent need to strive for greater coordination between the different lay reform
groups as well as providing an opening for people not currently aligned to any group to affiliate to a
new reform movement. It was agreed that the scope and potential for establishing such a new lay
organisation would be investigated.

The planning for the ACP ‘Assembly’ proceeded and the event was scheduled for Monday the 7th
May 2012 in the Regency Hotel in Dublin. Prior to this event it was agreed that the initial
announcement regarding the new lay ‘umbrella group’ would be made during the ACP event in the
Regency Hotel. This announcement advised that the first meeting of the new lay organisation would
take place in All Hallows on the 30th May 2012.