At ACI we have recently launched our forum where our members can discuss topics and matters relating to reform and renewal in the Catholic Church.

To support your use of the ACI forum, we have put together a  Getting Started Guide for steps on how to make the most out of your use of the forum. We believe that online discussions are at the heart of including those from all over the world in engaging in dialogue on reform and renewal and we hope that this is an inclusive and accessible way for people to get engaged in such discussions.

Click here for the ACI Forum- Getting Started Guide

To ensure, however, that our online forum is a safe and respectful place for all who use and view it, we have developed some guidelines for forum users. Please take time to read them before you start. Any comments on our forum causing offense will be moderated.

Click here for the forum Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Use

To enter the forum now click the button below

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