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“I have come to bring fire to the Earth …”

Volcanic eruption on the Fimmvruhls mountain pass, with Aurora Borealis display in the sky behind

There is a fire that warms and energises without destroying, that burns within us without consuming us, that keeps us alive and joyful in the deepest coldness of winter night…

It is this endless summer we celebrate now in mid-winter, at Christmas. If we forget that and grow cold again soon after, have we fully understood that the child in the manger is also the man who came to set fire to the Earth, to enable the fire of Pentecost to keep us warm forever?

Christendom – that long alignment of the church with the coercive power of the state – may be dying, but why should this be true of Christianity itself, of that love of Jesus for all of us that prevailed without coercion and founded the church in the beginning?

We in ACI believe the fire of God’s love for all of us is the greatest of all constants, and will burn more fiercely when it is not hidden by the ashes of a clericalist church system that still imitates too many of the inequalities of Christendom. We seek a vital culture of dialogue in the Irish church – based upon our common Baptism – and share the confidence of Pope Francis in the power of God to make everything new.

To all people of good will, and especially to those who seek a truth that can save the Earth, we wish the same conviction that has kept the church alive for these many centuries, and the warmth of Christmas faith throughout the coming year.

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