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Lumen Gentium 37: Meeting with Bishops D McKeown and A Cullinan – 1st Oct 2019

Meeting of members of the Steering Group of the Association of Catholics in Ireland
with Dr. D. McKeown, Bishop of Derry and Dr. A. Cullinan, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore
Re Lumen Gentium Article 37, on 1st October 2019.

A delegation consisting of six members of the ACI Steering Group met with Bishop McKeown and Bishop Cullinan at the Columba Centre, Maynooth College, on Tuesday 1st October 2019.

The meeting coincided with the Autumn meeting of the ICBC and was requested by the ACI to emphasise the urgent need for the recognition and full implementation of the rights and structures envisioned in Lumen Gentium 37. The request focused in particular on the establishment and effective working of Parish Pastoral Councils in fulfilling their role of enabling active and meaningful lay involvement in the life of the parish and diocese.

Summary of Discussion

The bishops extended a most cordial welcome to the ACI delegation and engaged fully in the discussion on the issues raised. While acknowledging the reality of the obstacles in the way of achieving the ideal level of lay participation there was broad agreement on the part of the bishops with the points made by the ACI delegation and an acceptance that the building of any new model of church in the future will require real and effective engagement by the lay faithful if this effort is to succeed. As it is far from clear at this stage how exactly, and by what agency, the rights of laity as summarised in Lumen Gentium 37 are to be secured – and the brief Oct 1st 2019 meeting did not permit an extended discussion of that question – we hope that this issue will be recognised and remembered as a priority item on the agenda for future discussion of reform.


[A report on ACI’s Exploratory Pilot Study of Lay Involvement in Parish Activity – based on returns relating to thirty six parishes across the Irish Church – is nearing completion and will be published here soon.  This too will be forwarded to the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference – trusting in the interest of the ICBC in this vital question, and in whether pastoral councils, as currently constituted and empowered in canon law, can be relied upon to ensure the level of lay involvement and open dialogue envisaged by Lumen Gentium Article 37 in 1964.]