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This page gives short profiles of current members of the ACI Steering Group.  For an account of the Steering Group’s current undertakings, see the ‘Ongoing’ page.


Anthony Neville
Anthony has been involved in parish activities for many years including two terms on the parish council. He is a Minister of the Word and serves on the adult faith development group and on the parish newsletter team. He is studying pastoral theology at All Hallows College. Anthony has acted as Assistant Treasurer to the ACI since its foundation.

Ben Flood
Retired Army Officer, with 22 years service.  Worked as a Health & Safety Consultant for 13 years until 2010. Married Patricia Fitzsimons on 2 October 2010.  Currently lives with Patricia in Calry , Co Sligo.
Has three adult children: David , 28 who lives in Perth , Australia; Caoimhe , 26 , who lives in Dublin; Sadhbh, 23 , who lives in Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin.

Sean O’Conaill
Retired teacher of secular history and current affairs at secondary level, now writing on the dual crisis of Christianity and secularism, especially in the Irish context. Based in Coleraine, county and diocese of Derry.  Was co-ordinating Irish members of Voice of the Faithful from 2004-2010 – formed originally in the USA to support survivors of clergy abuse.  Sean also has a deep interest in adult faith and spiritual development, and hopes to forward this cause also through the ACI.  Website: 

John Kelly
John is a founding member of ACI North Wicklow in 2014. A native of Cavan he has worked with the Peace Movement, Glencree Centre for Reconciliation, Beginning Experience and Young Adult Beginning Experience. He is also active in a number of charity art organisations.

Noel McCann
Noel is involved with members of the Reform and Renewal Group and other parishioners in supporting a range of parish activities and serves as a Minister of the Word. He was a member of the first Howth Parish Pastoral Council for four years. He worked on the Committee established to organise the landmark ACP ‘Towards and an Assembly of the Irish Church’ event in May 2012.

Pascal O’Dea
Minister of the Word and Choir member in St Andrew’s parish Bagenalstown – Muinebheag, County Carlow. With ACI Steering Committee support he has been able to facilitate several meetings on topics relating our Church and the necessity for Hope in the possibility of Change, which is central to the ACI mission.  During his daily medical work and recreation he sees regular examples of the benefits of participatory Church communities.

Patricia Fitzsimons
Patricia was a been a medical doctor for 36 years. In her recent years of practice she provided radiology services to people with cancer, specializing specifically in the area of breast cancer. She has just completed a Masters Degree in Psycho-Oncology in DCU and a two year Certificate Course in Death and Dying. She is particularly interested in end of life and providing opportunities for people who have become disillusioned with the institutional church to reconnect with their spiritual roots.

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