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The Association of Catholics in Ireland (ACI) is an organisation working from within the Irish Catholic Church promoting a Reform and Renewal Agenda. The ACI supports inclusivity and welcomes the diversity of membership which is a characteristic and strength of the Association.

ACI Organisation Diagram & Notes  (Click for pdf file)

of the ACI is open to all Catholics who support the pursuit of Reform and Renewal in our Church. The Statement of Objectives is the agreed expression of the shared aims of the membership of the ACI on key issues impacting on the future of our Church. Click here to read our Statement of Objectives.


The Steering Group (SG) and its members of are elected at the AGM – see ACI Election Procedures. The SG is elected to work on behalf of and serve the members of the ACI as directed by the membership. The SG should ideally consist of 8-10 members. Every effort will be made through the candidate selection and election process to achieve the desired balance in terms of gender, age and geographic representation. The SG, once elected, will be empowered to consider how best to address any imbalances in the composition of the SG which it is deemed will hinder the effective workings of the SG. The responsibilities and roles of the SG members are assigned and rotated by agreement amongst the SG members with the objective of achieving the most effective service to the members of the ACI. Click here to read more about the current Steering Group.

Above: Noel McCann, Patricia Higgins and Tony Corcoran, three members of the ACI Steering Group at the first meeting of the ACI in November 2012.
(Photo:CI News)

Lay groups which support the pursuit of Reform and Renewal in our Church may affiliate to the ACI. Members of Lay Reform and Renewal Groups are also welcome join the ACI as individual members

Lay individuals who choose not to affiliate to a Reform and Renewal Group may join the ACI as an ‘unaligned’ member.

Members of Religious Orders who support the ACI ‘Statement of Objectives’ may join the ACI as individual members.

The Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) shares many elements of the ACI’s Reform and Renewal agenda.  For more information on the ACP click here.

Regards Overseas Groups, the ACI maintains and encourages contact with international groups seeking Reform and Renewal in the Catholic Church. This is maintained through the regular exchanges of correspondence, reports on meetings and developments of interest in the various countries, particularly via the websites of the various organisations. For more information on other international groups click here.

Support Teams may be established to contribute to the development of the ACI and to meet the on-going needs of the members or needs related to particular events or circumstances arising from time to time. The number and composition of the Support Teams is a matter for decision by the SG and is currently a work in progress. It is envisaged, however, that there will be a number of ‘Standing Support Teams’ as follows:

  • Finance Team: Managing the finances of the ACI and presenting annual accounts to the ACI AGM. The Finance Team will include Joint Treasurers (2) and at least three other members.
  • Website Support Team: Managing the ACI website on a ‘day to day’ basis.
  • Media Relations, PR & Communications: Providing advice on matters relating to PR, media & Communications.

As we are currently planning for the future and setting up the organisation we would gladly welcome your support and assistance on any of the above or we would like to hear from you if you would like to contribute in any other way to ACI’s work. Join us now or mail us on info@acireland.ie

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