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In its Statement of Objectives, the ACI affirms its belief that in the Church the Spirit speaks through the voices of all the baptised, and in the consequent right of all the baptised to have their voices heard.  It also declares its commitment to work for a renewed understanding of the primacy of the individual conscience.  Catholics should have the right to express what they actually think and believe, rather than just what they are expected to believe.  However the opportunity to do so within official church structures, are few and far between.

In light of this, the ACI wishes to provide on this website, a safe and encouraging space for Catholics  in particular, to find their voice on matters of belief, practice and structural organisation within the Catholic Church.  In doing so it seeks neither to undermine nor to bolster established orthodoxy, but to respect the freedom and humanity of the children of God.

It wishes to do this in a number of ways:-

(a)    through the provision of stimulating and challenging articles and reflections.

(b)   by allowing visitors and members to post comment on these articles.  This comment is open to all, but is limited in length and will be moderated prior to posting.

When submitting comment on articles please keep in mind the following guidelines:-

(1)    Once you submit a comment on an article or news item, and the comment has been approved by a moderator, you will not be able to edit or delete it.

(2)    Respect the rights of others to hold views contrary to your own. [Proof of identity may be required if the moderators feel justified in doubting the good faith of any persistently negative and disrespectful commentator.]

(3)    Do not engage in personal attacks on, or derogatory references to, anyone.  Tackle subjects, not people.  Personal insults are always unacceptable and will not be approved.

(4)    Keep it clean.  Vulgarities or profanities will be deleted.

(5)    Stick to the point.  Comments not addressing the topic in hand may not be accepted.

(6)    Please refrain from using the site for self promotion or business promotion.  If you have a news item or resource you want to tell us about, please contact us by email ( info@acireland.ie ).

(7)    Be careful and sensitive about naming specific people and communities. Comments that infringe the privacy of any individual or community will not be approved.

(8)    Aim to win hearts and minds, not arguments.

(9)    If in doubt, choose kindness.  (Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. – T I Rubin)

It is within the discretion of the editor and moderators of this website to decide if the content of a posted comment is acceptable in whole or part and they reserve the right to alter or delete it in accordance with the guidelines above.

While names and email addresses are required for ACI membership and, these do not need to be used or disclosed and will not be passed on to other members or to third parties without the explicit permission of a member.

ACI reserve the right to reject or withdraw association membership from anyone whose participation is judged to undermine the association’s objectives, or is persistently contrary to the guidelines here presented.

Contributors, members and visitors are responsible and liable for what they post on this website, be it an article, a comment or a discussion point.  Opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of the ACI.

It is a condition of participation in this website that contributors, members and visitors indemnify the ACI steering group or website administration team for any loss or damage, including all legal and associated costs of whatever nature incurred, sustained or suffered, arising from any article or comment submitted by them on this website.

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