A heartfelt welcome/fáilte to the website of the Association of Catholics in Ireland [ACI]. We hope that, having visited our site, you will become a regular user and, in time, an active contributor to the website. A special Irish Welcome [‘Cead Mile Failte’] to international visitors especially those from Catholic Reform and Renewal Organisations across Europe and North America.

The primary purpose of the website is to facilitate the building of an ‘on line’ ACI Community. We envisage the ACI developing over time into a country-wide organisation in which members, although geographically dispersed, can be united via the association’s website. Members will be able to communicate with one another and exchange comments and views on topical issues via the website. The ACI is an organisation established for the benefit of the members and the members will decide on policy – policy which will ‘shape’ the organisation in the future. The website will play a central role in empowering members in terms of expressing their views and influencing the direction which the association will take in the years ahead. In this way you will be enabled to make a real contribution to influencing the development of a new community of Catholics in Ireland united by the search for reform and renewal in our Church.


The website will also have many practical applications. We hope to provide an on-going stream of articles from periodicals, newspapers and other websites as well as suggesting books and videos on topical issues. While the emphasis will be on issues related to reform and renewal our aim is to try to achieve a balance in terms of the range of subjects covered and the variety of views expressed. Our website editorial team will be working hard on sourcing appropriate material and they will be very happy to receive suggestions from members in relation to potential articles for inclusion in our ‘Resources’ section.

Another very practical service will be the facility to advertise and promote ACI events and events organised by groups aligned to the ACI. We hope that ACI members planning to establish new ACI Groups around the country will avail of this facility to promote their meetings and activities under the ‘Events’ section.

Finally, but very importantly, we strongly urge you to read the ACI ‘Statement of Objectives’ which expresses the association’s beliefs and principles. The ACI is an organisation which believes in the importance of dialogue and which advocates inclusiveness, openness, transparency and participation within our church. If you share these beliefs and principles or empathise with the spirit or intent behind the ‘Statement of Objectives’ take the next step and become a member of the ACI by clicking on the Join Now’ tab.

‘Following Christ – Changing Church’
‘Ar lorg Chríost chuig Eaglais athnuaite’

ACI Steering Group.

ACI Submission to Irish Bishops’ Conference 1st Oct, 2020

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