Keep alert: listen for this word “Synodality.” [30th July]

Jul 30, 2013 | 1 comment

Keep alert. Listen for this word, “synodality.” It looks to be the heart of the Franciscan reform of the church. Since the first days of his pontificate, Pope Francis has spoken of his plans to renew the Synod of Bishops. In the last weeks it emerged as a centerpiece of his ministry. Three times this month he has spoken of “synodality,” that is, the role of meetings of bishops in church governance. The new pope suggests that synodality may be a source of unity within the Catholic Church itself as well as with the Orthodox, for whom synodality is the primary form of church governance.

To read the entire article by Drew Christensen, click here, thanks to Fr James Martin SJ for permission to publish this article. 

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  1. Con Carroll

    Synodality for it to begin, would have to learn 5 points:
    Listen, open welcoming empowering inclusive
    it will have to ask are we stayng in elite white middled class control, are we going to break bounderies. will we take the cotton woll from our ears. put it into our mouths. will we we courageous taking a political stand opposed to the current poiltical economic agenda. standing in solidatrity with others demanding such change. ior will we continue with our pious prayers and eucharist


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