Why does Pope Francis so often Speak of the Devil?

Patterns of attack on the Pope are familiar evidence of everyone’s adversary.

What is it to be Holy?

Still a vital question – after two millennia of disagreement.

The Creed and Fear of Ridicule

The trolling of Irish Christians today is a vital ‘learning moment’.

Lockdown Discoveries: What ‘Vocation’ Really Means

Do only those called to be clerics have a ‘vocation’. In the Covid-19 crisis of 2020-21, Thomas O’Loughlin sees the urgent message ‘Think Again!’

Church Teaching?

Has ‘church teaching’ become a misnomer for church verbiage?

Celebrity is Over – the Meaning of Pentecost

In a gathering world crisis no one is less – or more – important than anyone else!

ACI Statement on ‘Finding Grace in Loving Relationships’

Solidarity with the excluded must include respect for all loving relationships.

Pope Francis and Authority: The Collapse of ‘Command Catholicism’

Has Pope Francis failed to reform the church – or made reform inevitable?

Ireland’s ‘Synodal Pathway’ – Should I Bring My Umbrella?

Peter Torney assesses the obstacles to synodality in Ireland.

The Call to Women – Why Did I Become an Interfaith Minister?

When blocked within the Catholic Church, how else do women find a way to ministry?

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