2024 – Irish Catholic Vocations Office Mired in Clericalism

Only ordained priests are called to take risks for Christ?

‘Church is Mission’?

How a medieval mistake about atonement obstructs the ‘Good News’ today.

How the BBC’s ‘Colosseum’ Explains the Creed

The Creed sustained the martyrs of ancient Rome, but was itself weakened by Christendom.

Comeuppance or Confession – A ‘Reckoning’ on Clerical Abuse?

Church leaders must someday follow King David’s example of frank confession.

The Paschal Mystery & the Sign of Jonah

The mystery of eternal life, beyond the death we must endure.

Jesus Did Not Covet – and Renounced Political Power

And yet there are still Catholics who can’t see that power corrupts.

A ‘Reckoning’ on Catholic Clerical Abuse? Seriously?

Will the Universal Synod initiate a full discovery of the roots of secrecy?

The World is Now Scrutinising the Church

For Soline Humbert the issue of clerical abuse of children refuses to go away.

What Do We Mean by The Kingdom of God?

There are no ‘subjects’ in God’s Kingdom – only free and equal people.

Adult Faith Formation: Is ‘Alpha’ the Answer?

This popular course provokes questions on the history and the future of the Church.

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