Synodality Virtues: a Culture of Non-Deference

For Thomas O’Loughlin ‘Walking Together’ demands a culture of equal respect – from the start.

First Comes the Experience of God’s Unconditional Love

The importance of the Catechism is unquestionable, but, for Aidan Hart, it is the experience of God’s love that always comes first in the development of faith.

Cop26 and the Lord’s Prayer

Give us this day … only what we need – including hope.

Salvation and Social Media

Time for homilists to challenge the empire of media honour and shame.

Why does Pope Francis so often Speak of the Devil?

Patterns of attack on the Pope are familiar evidence of everyone’s adversary.

What is it to be Holy?

Still a vital question – after two millennia of disagreement.

The Creed and Fear of Ridicule

The trolling of Irish Christians today is a vital ‘learning moment’.

Lockdown Discoveries: What ‘Vocation’ Really Means

Do only those called to be clerics have a ‘vocation’. In the Covid-19 crisis of 2020-21, Thomas O’Loughlin sees the urgent message ‘Think Again!’

Church Teaching?

Has ‘church teaching’ become a misnomer for church verbiage?

Celebrity is Over – the Meaning of Pentecost

In a gathering world crisis no one is less – or more – important than anyone else!

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