A World Aroused against Oppression, Racism and Injustice

For Irish missionary and activist Shay Cullen a pandemic and civil protests in the US and Hong Kong are all interconnected.

No Synodality Without Diocesan Transparency

If some bishops can be transparent, why do all Irish bishops lag behind?

Ireland’s Bishops Turn Up the Gaslight

Have Irish bishops truly fostered ‘communion, participation and mission’?

Fascism, Tragedy and Farce

Archbishop Carlo Viganò and the latest twist in the failing campaign against Pope Francis

The Cross is the Lynching Tree

African Americans see in the crucifixion of Jesus what white supremacists cannot.

An Irish Blessing

‘Be Thou My Vision’ – as sung by many voices of faith in Ireland – under 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.

Too Catholic to be Christian?

In claiming to be more Catholic than the pope, the bitterest enemies of Pope Francis have forgotten the Great Commandment of Jesus and the Church.

Bishop Donal McKeown and Pope Francis’s Prayer Intention for Deacons

The full text of Bishop Donal McKeown’s recent response to a prayer intention of Pope Francis, on the role of deacons in the church.

Eucharist: Divine Presence or Divine Feeding?

Eucharist is also food for the journey, a reminder that we ourselves are Tabernacles of the Lord.

Still Undiscussable – the Ryan Report – May 20th, 2009

Called by Pope Benedict to ‘establish the truth of what happened’ in 20th century institutions for the poorest children, Ireland’s bishops never did. Why?

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