Pope Francis in Canada – July 24-30, 2022 – What’s at Stake?

Will Pope Francis speak out plainly against North American ‘white nationalism’?

ACI at the National Pre-Synodal Assembly

Canon law must change if co-responsibility is to happen.” Anthony Neville at Athlone National Synodal Assembly

Faith Formation a Concern Across Irish Dioceses

The cry for an informed and articulate faith: ‘We don’t really know how to evangelise!’

Irish Catholic Dioceses and Missing Young People in 2022

Compiled diocesan lament: ‘‘Who will replace us ageing people when we are gone?’

The ‘Catholic Ethos’? Parrhesia Please!

It’s time to be honest and grown-up about Catholic faith development in 2022!

The Response of the Churches to the Destruction of Biodiversity

High time for all of us Christians to begin leading on biosphere crisis.

God Surrenders to Us in Love

‘God is the only one we can surrender to without losing ourselves.’

Disillusionment as Faith Formation

What kind of faith should we now have in organised religion?

The Blasphemy of Christian Imperialism in 2022

When churches make a pact with political adventurers, what evils follow …

Synodality Virtues: avoid confusing language

Thomas O’Loughlin explains how choosing words with great care facilitates us in walking together as a wholly celebrant community.

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