Lockdown Discoveries: What ‘Vocation’ Really Means

Do only those called to be clerics have a ‘vocation’. In the Covid-19 crisis of 2020-21, Thomas O’Loughlin sees the urgent message ‘Think Again!’

Church Teaching?

Has ‘church teaching’ become a misnomer for church verbiage?

Celebrity is Over – the Meaning of Pentecost

In a gathering world crisis no one is less – or more – important than anyone else!

ACI Statement on ‘Finding Grace in Loving Relationships’

Solidarity with the excluded must include respect for all loving relationships.

Pope Francis and Authority: The Collapse of ‘Command Catholicism’

Has Pope Francis failed to reform the church – or made reform inevitable?

Ireland’s ‘Synodal Pathway’ – Should I Bring My Umbrella?

Peter Torney assesses the obstacles to synodality in Ireland.

The Call to Women – Why Did I Become an Interfaith Minister?

When blocked within the Catholic Church, how else do women find a way to ministry?

When Will Irish Bishops Get Serious About Synodality?

Synodality cannot happen in Ireland until Irish Bishops clearly affirm the primacy of individual conscience.

The Creed is for Whistleblowers – Not Dogmatists

The Christian Creed was originally an affirmation that those who followed Jesus faithfully could not be humiliated by an unjust state.

Whatever Happened to ‘Share the Good News?’

Why did Irish Bishops forget their 2011 ten-year parish faith formation plan?


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