Pope Francis and Authority: The Collapse of ‘Command Catholicism’

Has Pope Francis failed to reform the church – or made reform inevitable?

Ireland’s ‘Synodal Pathway’ – Should I Bring My Umbrella?

Peter Torney assesses the obstacles to synodality in Ireland.

The Call to Women – Why Did I Become an Interfaith Minister?

When blocked within the Catholic Church, how else do women find a way to ministry?

When Will Irish Bishops Get Serious About Synodality?

Synodality cannot happen in Ireland until Irish Bishops clearly affirm the primacy of individual conscience.

The Creed is for Whistleblowers – Not Dogmatists

The Christian Creed was originally an affirmation that those who followed Jesus faithfully could not be defeated by state persecution.

Whatever Happened to ‘Share the Good News?’

Why did Irish Bishops forget their 2011 ten-year parish faith formation plan?

Epiphany? The Point of the Creeds?

Can God truly be mocked at Christmas time, in the era of #MeToo?

ACI – Don’t Wait for Bishops to Initiate Change

Reacting to the long awaited response of the Irish Bishops to ACI proposals for change, the ACI Steering Group calls on lay people not to wait for bishops to act.

Too Many Steps Too Far

Netflix shows us the limits of media intrusion into family grief, and trespasses beyond them.

Just in Time!

Could Fr Michael Hurley’s latest offerings help fulfil in Ireland the potential of ‘the domestic church’?


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