This page keeps a running account of what ACI is currently undertaking and planning.


ACI Steering Group Report – October 2015

1. Press release of 4th Sept supporting Bishop Leo O’Reilly’s call for a discussion with fellow bishops on ordaining married men and appointing women deacons.

2. Agreement by Archbishop Eamon Martin to meet ACI following the Synod.

3. Conference 18th and 19th Sept. in Balally Parish on Laudato Si.

4. Planning for ACI Conference on Family/ Homelessness/Ecology in November.


ACI Steering Group Report – Monday 27th April 2015
1. Catholic Church Reform Network
A second meeting was held on the 24th April in Dublin. The meeting was attended by representatives of the ACI, ‘We Are Church-Ireland [WACI], Voice of the Faithful [VOTFI] and the Irish Missionary Union [IMU].
The General Principles and Procedures were amended and agreed.
(Download here:- NICCRG General Principles and Procedures 25 April 2015 ).
The Members present updated the meeting on recent and planned activities.
The next meeting was provisionally set for Saturday 30th May at 2.00 p.m.
Ben Flood agreed to be ACI’s second delegate along with John Kelly.

2. Event on the Synod on the Family – 21st March 2015.
The SG reviewed the event and the report which is available on the website. Copies of the report have been sent to the Archbishops of Armagh and Dublin, the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Ireland and the Synod Secretariat in Rome.

3. Church Reform Event in Limerick.The two ACI delegates briefed the SG  on the Limerick event. A full report on this international gathering is available on the website. An ‘open letter’ to Pope Francis setting out some of the key issues discussed at the event is being finalised by the Reform Group Secretariat.4. Meeting with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
A delegation of ACI members will meet Dr. Martin in Dublin at 4.00 pm on the 28th May 2015 to discuss the Synod on the Family and other issues impacting on our church at the present time. If any ACI member wishes to join this delegation please contact the SG via info@aci.ie5. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the SG is scheduled for the 28th May 2015 – before the meeting with Archbishop Martin.


ACI Steering Group Report – Friday 3rd April 2015

1. The report on the ACI ‘Open Forum’ on the Family, held on March 21st, will be available on the website this week-end.  Copies of the report will be forwarded to the Archbishops of Armagh and Dublin as well as to the Conference of Irish Catholic Bishops. A copy will also be forwarded to the Secretariat to the Synod on the Family in Rome.

2.  The ACI will be represented by two members of the Steering Group at an International Church Reform meeting in Limerick from 13th-16th April.


ACI Steering Group Report – Thursday 12th March 2015

The ACI Steering Group [SG] met on Thursday 12th March 2015 in Dublin. The following is a summary of the main issues covered at the meeting:-

1. Proposed Church Reform Alliance.
The ACI SG representative reported on further discussions with WAC-IRL regarding the proposal to establish a new Network of Irish Catholic Church Reform Groups.

2. GCVI. The SG agreed to a request  from Gay Catholic Voice of Ireland [GCVI] to create a link on the ACI website to the GCVI website.

3. UCD PhD Request. The SG considered a request from a PhD student in the UCD School of Psychology for ACI support for a Doctoral Thesis on the emergence of a liberal ethos among Catholics in Ireland. The SG believe this research is relevant to the ACI and are happy to support the research. Further details will be available on the website shortly  and the SG will email members with information in due course.

4. Website. The SG agreed to arrange website training for SG members and others ACI members who may be willing to offer time to assist in the management of the association’s  website. If any member is willing to offer even a few hours from time to time it would assist greatly with the task of on-going maintenance of the site. Members who are interested in attending the website training  are invited to make contact via

5. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. The SG recently received a response to a letter to the Archbishop requesting a meeting to discuss the Synod on the Family. The Archbishop is happy to meet the ACI  delegation. The SG will seek to meet the Archbishop after the event on the 21st March when the SG will be able to brief the Archbishop on the views expressed at the ‘Open Forum’.

6. ‘Open Forum’ on the Family. The arrangements for the ”Open Forum’  on the Family in the Regency Hotel on Saturday the 21st March were discussed. Full details are available on the website.

7. International Church Reform Meeting Limerick: 13th-16th April. The ACI will be represented by two members of the SG  at the International Church Reform Meeting in Limerick in April.

8. Next Meeting. The next SG meeting will take place on Monday the 27th April 2015.


ACI Steering Group Report – Tuesday 17th February 2015

The ACI Steering Group [SG] met on Tuesday 17th February 2015 in Dublin. The following is a summary of the main issues covered at the meeting:-

1. Proposed Church Reform Alliance
A member of the SG recently met with a representative of We Are Church Ireland [WACI] to initiate discussions on a possible new Church Reform Alliance to replace the ‘Umbrella Group’ which has operated since the ACI was founded in 2012. The proposal for the new ‘Alliance’ was initiated by WACI and the ACI SG have agreed to participate in the exploratory discussions aimed at drafting a ‘constitution’ for the proposed ‘Alliance’.

2. Website
The Website Team met with the developer on February 7th to discuss making some changes to the website, in particular to the membership application process. The changes will make the completion of the membership application form far more ‘user friendly’ as well as offer an ‘off line’ application option.

3. The 2015 Synod on the Family.
The SG reviewed the options for members to comment on the Lineamenta including:

  • via the ACI website –
  • via webmail –
  • by attending meetings organised by local ACI groups
  • by attending the ACI ‘Open Forum’ scheduled for Saturday 21st March in the Regency Hotel, Dublin.

It is planned to compile a report based on the comments received through these sources and events and submit it to Conference of Irish Catholic Bishops and to the Synod Secretariat on behalf of the ACI membership.

4. The progress of the Synod consultation process in the Archdiocese of Dublin
This was discussed because a member of the SG conducted research using the parish websites. This suggests a low level of Synod-related activity in many parishes. The SG agreed to write to the Archbishop to highlight this situation and to seek a meeting at which proposals for improving the consultation process could be considered.

5.Next Meeting 
The next SG meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 12th March 2015.


ACI Growth

ACI local discussion groups are in progress in Dublin South, North Wicklow, Belfast and Mid-West Ireland.  Thought is going into the formation of other groups elsewhere.  Please contact us at if you think your own area could support such a group – and keep an eye on our ‘Attend an Event’ page for news of meetings in your area.