ACI Steering Group

Summer 2018 – The Steering Group has successfully processed contributions to an open conference in Dublin in April 2018 to hear from Irish marginalised families . We have posted copies of our completed report to organisers of the World Meeting of Families set for August 2018 in Ireland, and to Irish bishops.

Now – with a visit from Pope Francis imminent – and some Irish bishops recognising that the Irish Church is now in a post-Christendom era – we are taking soundings on the possibility of movement toward reform of those aspects of Irish Catholic culture that have enabled scandal, alienated younger generations and prevented full and enthusiastic participation by the Irish people of God in church activities.

Can we expect Pope Francis to be in listening as well as inspirational mode when he comes in August – to hear how the power given to Catholic clergy by Catholic canon law is still so frequently used to deny dialogue and to block the full potential of parish pastoral councils to fulfil the pope’s own agenda for the family and the faith?

Hoping that at long last the Irish clericalist log-jam that has suspended Vatican II in Ireland since 1965 may be challenged by the pope, we are ‘watching this space’.  Only the full and unequivocal commitment by our clergy to Vatican II can move the Irish Church ‘from maintenance to mission’.

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