ACI Steering Group

Winter 2017/2018 – The Steering Group is discussing what contribution ACI could make to the World Meeting of Families set for August 2018 in Dublin.

Pleased to hear that the Irish organisers of this are ‘consulting widely’, the ACI Steering Group hopes to contribute to a national conversation on the support that the church needs to give to families in the future, including those families that do not fit the stereotypical model of family that is idealised by the traditional church.

We have a concern also that many Irish families may have become so disaffected by recent drastic failures of church leadership in Ireland, that they may be sceptical that the church can have anything to offer them in the future – and may effectively have ‘tuned out’.  (This is yet another issue that begs for, but doesn’t get, church-sponsored research.)

We are especially anxious to hear from such families, and to be guided by them in whatever contribution we might make to that national conversation next year.

To contact the steering group with an idea or proposal, email .