ACI Steering Group

Autumn 2018 – In the aftermath of a visit by Pope Francis to Ireland in late August – to speak to the World Meeting of Families – ACI is assessing the impact of further evidence of the failure of Catholic bishops globally to grapple with the issue of clerical child abuse.

With the authority of bishops now seriously compromised, and the number of active priests in Ireland plummeting, the ‘stopped clock’ of the promised new role for lay people in the church becomes every day more indefensible.

How do we prepare ourselves for greater responsibility – developing our understanding of the call of the Gospel to every baptised Christian?  What opportunities might now emerge for dialogue on this with Irish church leaders – warned by Pope Francis in August to end the reign of clericalism in the church?  Must lay people wait until there are no clergy left – to realise our own potential for shaping what follows?

And how do our own members assess the current situation? We need to hear from you all to be fully informed of the changing Irish church scene.  Sure that the glass of church life is far from empty, and that the outlook for ‘new shoots’ must be better in some areas than others, we need to hear from you.

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