2020 vision-The Pandemic

Mar 26, 2020 | 0 comments

We sit here in our living rooms,
Our shelves are full of great food,
With lots of time to do at ease,
All the things to improve our mood.

Who would believe a day would come,
When staying at home could be so much fun.
When idle time becomes a virtue,
Being on the dole just has to be done.

Commercial life is coming to a halt,
Factories, hotels, pubs and clubs,
Soccer, GAA, Rugby are all closing their doors,
Walking alone with the two cubs.

Washing our hands like a theatre nurse,
Afraid to cough, even worse to sneeze,
Can’t visit your friends or even the Church,
Least you pass something on and feel a sleeze.

You came from Corona, you murderous fiend,
So far away, it might stay that way.
In China with its vast population,
Like Armageddon it’s barren streets lay.

Before this the world was falling apart,
Wars, migration, Brexit, Putin, Boris and Trump.
China’s invasion or Putin’s silent war?
Environmental challenge to the world dump.

China has halted, Italy has taken it’s place
Cremations take place at a horrendous rate
The whole of Europe hold it’s breath,
To see where the virus is heading next.

We in Ireland were licking our wounds,
Our Government fell as it lacked some speed,
Homelessness, Brexit, Irish language, cash for ash,
Came to an end trying to sort out our breed.

Our Government now is up in the air,
Our troubles are buried beneath Covid-19 threat,
All energy, finance and people with one thing in mind
A cure for this madness, it’s prayers to find.

To date we incurred 4 tragic deaths,
Our road fatalities this month so far is fifteen,
Have we lost the run of ourselves,
Or is this really the ultimate pharmaceutical dream.

Gerald Donnelly
21 March 2020

ACI Submission to Conference of Irish Bishops – 01/10/2019


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