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A commission to study the question of ordaining women deacons in the Roman Catholic Church was formally announced in August 2016 and began its work in November of 2016.

As the commission undertakes its work, it is important that Catholics — lay and ordained — undergo their own study and discernment of the history and present possibility of ordaining women to the diaconate.

An initiative called  “DeaconChat” has the goal of bringing Catholics, ordained and laity together in conversation to continue to learn and discern together on this subject.

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2 Responses to “Deacon Chat”
  1. Martin Murray says:

    In one sense its great that we are getting opportunities to discuss the possibility of ordaining women to the diaconate. In another it shocking that we even have to. Let’s get on with it.

  2. Des Gilroy says:

    There was further evidence of the interest and enthusiasm of women in the promotion of the faith this month in the Diocese of Kilmore when forty-two participants in a three-year study of the Catechism were presented with their certificates. The participants in the course had met weekly during the term times and came from 18 parishes in the diocese. The diocesan website does not give the gender breakdown of the participants but looking at the photo on the site of those who turned up to receive their certificates, 25 were women and 8 were men. Those who say the future of the church is with the women may well be right.

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