A Fractured Family by Jo O’Sullivan

Jan 10, 2014 | 2 comments

This week Jo O’Sullivan reflects upon dialogue within our church and compares the relationship to that of a ‘fractured family.’ Click here to read  a A Fractured Family and don’t forget to post your comments below…



  1. teresa Mee

    The analogy is transparently clear Jo.

    I want to say unfortunately so because what you are referring to is a rather poor Father- child relationship. The father issues commands to be obeyed. There is no dialogue with the child who therefore never reaches maturity of judgment; just lives by rules, father’s rules, therefore never ‘grows up.
    But the Church is meant to be a community, or,shall we say, a community of communities embracing both adults and children. It seems right now that the only acknowledged adults are the the members of the Vatican Curia. Pope Francis is encouraging us to become adults, but are we ready to go beyond childishly confining ourselves to following rules of doctrine.


  2. Treasa Healy

    What a fantastic Parable Jo…you tell it like the Master, and also like him proceed to spell out the factual situation. Well done.
    It reminds me of the image of the Body of Christ – where the Head and the Trunk are near decapitation for many who like you and me are hanging on in hope.
    Some say its a pity the Irish people discovered personal conscience…Ah they say,is a fully INFORMED conscience? and that’s where the trouble begins. Questioning Catholic laypersons, and those who lovingly criticize certain decisions, not to hurt, but to present an alternative adult viewpoint are often ridiculed or avoided or branded troublemakers….”You mustn’t say these things in case you disturb the simple faith of the others”….Yes, Jo, keep them thar chillun down the kitchen while the REAL ADULTS are in the parlour making DECISIONS – keeping you all in the dark (like mushrooms)and feed you what they believe you should know.. and only in the measure they think is ‘good for you’.

    There must be a better way. I believe Pope Francis is showing the better way – he cannot change any fundamental doctrine, but he has a Charism which the present time needs ..he is reading the ‘sign of the times’ and trying his best to reach out and cope helpfully with them….pray God he wont by stymied by those who surround him….I get the feeling not all REAL ADULTS both Clerical and Lay, appreciate him. Our job is to pray daily for whatever the Spirit is doing in the Church – and please Holy Spirit, let us all be adults before I die. Wouldn’t it be great to meet at the pearly gates ‘fully alive and all legitimately growed up!


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