ACI and ACP co-host Robert Mickens Lecture (Regency Hotel, Dublin, 15th Nov 2013)

Nov 1, 2013 | 2 comments

Booking is now open for the Robert Mickens lecture to be held in the Regency Hotel, Dublin on Friday 15th November 2013

“The Robert Mickens lecture marks an historic moment  in the evolution of the ‘Church Reform Movement’ in Ireland. This is  the first event jointly organised by the ACI and the ACP.  The two associations share a very similar vision of a revitalised and reformed church characterised by compassion, transparency and collegiality. A church where the rightful role of the laity – women as well as men – is encouraged and enshrined  at all levels in support of our bishops, priests and religious. At this time of great hope  the  ACI looks forward to continued cooperation with the ACP in the months and years ahead as we work  towards  achieving the model of reformed church envisaged by Pope Francis in his recent pronouncements.  We highly recommend this event which will provide a unique insight to the Papacy of Pope Francis from one of the most experienced and respected Vatican correspondents of recent decades ”
[Noel McCann, ACI Steering Group]


“The ACP are delighted that Robert Mickens is coming to Dublin at this very propitious time for the Church, and that the reform groups are coming together to welcome him.
[Fr Tony Flannery, Association of Catholic Priests, Ireland]



  1. Laurel

    Couldn’t attend. Could somebody post a synopsis of the meeting?

    • MartinM

      Laurel, a short report will be up on this website later today. Robert Mickens’ lecture was recorded and is available to purchase on CD. The cost is €7 plus €1 postage to anywhere. To obtain a copy email


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