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Apr 1, 2020 | 5 comments


The World Crisis now ongoing was not foreseen by the ACI steering group when we launched our appeal for help to give this website a facelift fit for phones in February!

But that world crisis has been building for decades, as Greta Thunberg, then 15 pointed out when she went on school strike in Sweden in August 2015 to say ‘enough already‘ – to be followed by young people all over the world.

Deep sorrow will fall as many of those we love leave us, but for all Christians and many more of the world’s faith traditions,  the belief is strong that that no one is ever lost and that it is always from the tears of today that a better tomorrow is born.

Already we have had word from one of Ireland’s Catholic bishops that what is ongoing – inside the church – and now outside – will change the church forever.

So thanks to all who contributed to this ‘New Look‘ – and a challenge:

Help us make this website a vital contribution to what is now a global war against despair, doubt, loneliness and fear of the future.  And to build the very different church of tomorrow.

As I write, a neighbour is shopping for our family of three, because to protect one member the other two have decided not to leave the house either, for twelve weeks from now.  All over the world much the same is happening, as each of us realises that we depend for our very survival on the person next to us.  World leaders are for the very first time in world history on the same page, saving lives from the same enemy – and a huge US aircraft carrier is totally disabled in Guam, in the Pacific, by the very same invisible enemy that threatens your family.

If are wondering what LG37 stands for just click this button:

ACI Submission to Conference of Irish Bishops – 01/10/2019


  1. Mark maguire

    THE light of Christ is being reflected more brightly in today’s society through our shared common priesthood ie helping each other our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as we try to navigate through the crisis of covid 19. Through our actions and interactions in bringing the gospel message alive by travelling with each other we are living our baptismal calling in being church.

    • soconaill

      On the button, Mark!

      Sean O’Conaill

      • Mark maguire

        Christ came and modeled a way of life for us all. This way of life was the Servent leadership model. In doing so each person is and should be treated with equal dignity because we are all made in the image and likeness of God our creator Thus we are all called to be living cells within the Body of Christ, THE CHURCH. Thus we all share in the mission of spreading the Gospel message. IN THE EYES OF GOD WE ARE ALL EQUAL AND LOVED EQUALLY.

  2. Noel McCann

    Congratulations on the ‘new look’ website. It’s only when I navigated around the site that I really appreciated what you have achieved with this upgrade.

    I hope and pray that your work will lead to many more people experiencing the richness and variety of the material freely available to those who access the site.

    The upgrade is so timely as we all try to come to terms with how the world has changed in the past few weeks. We thought we controlled the planet but how that naive assumption has been shattered in a few weeks!!

    Our faith is such a support in this situation and we can survive and overcome the crisis in the belief that we will learn from this unprecedented challenge and that we will be a better society for the experience.

  3. Mary Vallely

    Delighted to dip into this new look ACI site which is easier to navigate, very pleasing to the eye and whose pages flick over so easily by a gentle press of the finger. In a way it is like an encyclopaedia of fascinating facts, challenging our assumptions and giving us much on which to ponder and to mull over. Lots on Girard too, I see. ?
    Well done, Sean. I can only echo Noel’s praise and wish the site and the work every blessing. We are more united than ever in our desire to see reform, not just of the Church but of our deeply engrained unChristlike habits. It is an appropriate time to launch the site as we enter into Holy Week when we reflect on Christ’s suffering on Calvary and the suffering of many, many thousands across the world. There has never been a time when faith in the Resurrection has meant so much or given us such hope and consolation. Bail ó Dhia ar an obair. Tabhair aire daoibh féin. ?


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