ACI Welcomes Signed & Reasoned Criticism

Apr 23, 2021 | 0 comments

All feature articles on this site have been signed by their authors – we do not deal in anonymous criticism. The Internet can be a rough place, but no profession of faith is worth much if its author prefers anonymity.

For that reason we do not – and cannot – publish unsigned articles, or unsigned commentary on what is published here.

Even if they are purportedly expressing a viewpoint that we – allegedly – do not represent, authors of articles and comments must sign their work . As an hour’s time here will show, we have in the past published articles and commentary that oppose our own viewpoint – but all such published pieces have a name attached.

There is a second requirement.

An elementary rule of civil discourse is that criticism will address directly the argument or arguments of a perceived opponent – avoiding merely derogatory commentary on the perceived faults of opponents.  That an entirely different practice has become common on the Internet – the practice of direct, anonymous assault of perceived opponents – evading the challenge of the argument or arguments objected to – is to be regretted and discouraged. Best called trolling it has no honourable place in Christian discourse.

That such commentary cannot qualify as truly Catholic either will therefore be obvious.

For a full review of ACI rules for commenting on the site, click here.

Sean O’Conaill  –  23rd April, 2021


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