Courageous Conversations: Daniel O’Leary’s address to A Call to Action (ACTA) UK [30th July]

Jul 30, 2013 | 2 comments


‘Put yourself in courageous conversation with the cliff-edge of your life,
no matter how frightening it seems. Courageous conversation needs courageous hearts’ – David Whyte

ACTA stands for ‘A Call to Action’.
It is a new ‘movement’ comprising lay, religious and ordained Catholics who are anxious about the future of the Church in the UK.
This is the text of the keynote address given by Irish man Daniel O’Leary, at their national meeting in Leeds last May.
We acknowledge the theological journal, The Furrow who have copyright on this article and will publish it in July 2013.

Click Here to Download Address to ACTA Conference, May 2013.


  1. Darlene Starrs

    Yes, our moves are necessary in the work with God…but, when Providence Moves…then, the earth moves beneath our feet and you see change! Most assuredly this is brought about because of the “many quiet spaces where the Holy Spirit quietly and persistently works”, works anonymously and incarnationally!

  2. Martin Murray

    Excellent talk. Inspiring yet practical. Not a word wasted. I felt the energy levels rise in me as I read it.

    I was particularly excited by Daniel’s highlighting the need for church leaders (and indeed all of us) to become reacquainted with a “Grace and nature” Christian narrative beyond the “Fall/redemption” narrative we seem to be stuck with. Until they do, he says, “they will carry a deep seated fear, of a multi-faith, multi-cultural, pluralistic world, of the demands of a young postmodern society and of the amazing emerging cosmology ….”

    I also loved the Einstein quotes.

    Thanks ACTA.


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