Archbishop Martin calls for national summit on homelessness

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Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin has called for a public summit to address the need for emergency accommodation for homeless people.
He said the capital was “deeply divided”, with rejoicing at increased spending over the Christmas period contrasted with many facing homelessness and hunger.

Click here for Archbishop Martin’s statement on the ICBC site.

Click here for the Archbishop’s decision to make a diocesan property in Dublin city centre available for the homeless.

Click here for Irish Times report.


  1. December 4, 2014 | Archdiocese of Dublin Education Secretariat


4 Responses to “Archbishop Martin calls for national summit on homelessness”
  1. Con Carroll says:

    anyone listening to to-day. RTE, this morning 5 December. Lord mayor Christ Burke, got his advice/information incorrect. morning star is been renovated. will reopen January 2015. Capuchin day centre were not invited to summitt, according to Evening Herald. Thursday 4 December

    • soconaill says:

      Thanks, Con. Havn’t read up on the summit yet. Let’s hope it can bear fruit as the weather worsens.

  2. Con Carroll says:

    some of us are oblivious, some frustrated, a lot of apathy. poverty is a political issue. there is something political spiritual obscene. in how we treat people. there is no need for people living on our streets. people with addiction problems should be encouraged to go to 12 programme. like AA. there are people who do recover. everyone has a right to a roof over their heads. security peace. people who are living in hostel should have the right to dignity respect. security
    could one imagine if this was to happen to a member of our political elite, family. or to a ceo family member of a financial institution. yes there is fear, ignorance. we should remember that those who come out, about to many foreigners in Ireland. should ask what was the nationality of the founder of Christianity? Jesus. what would we do if Jesus arrived in Ireland or Europe. would we send him into a centre for people who are non Europeans. denying him the right to work, education. while he is awaiting his asylum application. would we tell him, that he is a scrounger, a dole cheat. coming to take advantage of our welfare state. because he is Polish, Latvian, Romanian. would we stand by making him to work 14 hours for 50 euro. while he has no social security number.

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