CCR Letter to Pope Francis ready for signing [deadline 25th Nov 2013]

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Catholic Church Reform 04
To all supporters of church reform

Letter to Pope Francis ready for signing

Thank you for all of your input to help make this letter to Pope Francis our best effort. It is now posted and ready for signing. The signing period is up to 25th November 2013.  The letter will be sent out on the 26th November to arrive in time for the pope’s 3rd to 5th December meeting with his council. 

If you are an individual, to sign the letter, simply go to:-

If you are a family, have each member of the family sign the letter. 

If you are a group, email to say your group supports this new initiative. (We are not assuming that you are supporting this, even if you signed the first letter.)  If you supported the previous letter and want to sign this one, please send your organization’s name as we already have your data.  If you are a new group just joining us, email us adding the details about your organization in the following format:

1. Name of your organization
2. URL
3. mission of your group (a sentence)
4. total number of members
5. geographical region(s) of your members
6. makeup of your members, if possible (Catholic, former Catholic, priest, religious, other   Christian, non-Christian)
We will post the list of the organizational supporters at the end of the signing period. Once again, if your group wants to sign anonymously, that is welcomed.


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