Christian Mindfulness: A Reminder

Oct 31, 2019 | 0 comments

A Reflection on Mindfulness
Rediscovering the Christian Tradition of
Meditation and Contemplation


This publication, by the Irish Bishops Conference Council for Catechetics, is a useful counter to the view that Christianity has no ‘mindful’ tradition of contemplative prayer or meditation.

While arguing that a ‘mindful’ secularism is an improvement on more thoughtless varieties, this short booklet warns against  being “seduced by deceptive ideas that would actually take us away from a Christian notion of salvation, human fulfilment and holiness”.

How many of our Irish readers have had easily available experiences of ‘Christian mindfulness’ – focused, for example, upon those very notions of ‘salvation, human fulfilment and holiness’? How often do Mass homilies ever ‘go there’?

Feedback on all that would add very usefully to recent returns on the subject of lay involvement in parish life.


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