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Many people today find themselves on the margins of the church life, disillusioned with church practice and an experience of liturgy that may leave them cold.  Others may have already left to find spiritual nourishment elsewhere, or have abandoned religious practice altogether.

Some may be genuinely searching for a more meaningful relationship with God and a more relevant experience of their faith life; hanging in there, hoping to find a way to enliven their community or to enrich their spirituality and deepen their faith.

A creative programme of spiritual renewal called ‘Croí Nua’ has been specifically developed for the people of Ireland, offering hope and new vision for faith communities and individuals who are seeking to enrich their lives. The Programme, written by authors who are in touch with the Irish Celtic heartbeat, draws upon the wisdom and tradition of ancient Celtic Christian heritage, as well as contemporary theology and spirituality, with the richness and wisdom of Scripture woven throughout. 

It consists of a series of eight small group gatherings based on reflective reading, respectful group sharing and prayer rituals. It is a faith sharing programme designed for groups of a maximum of 10 people coming together in welcoming hospitable settings such as homes, community centres, retreat centres, etc. 

Maybe you would be interested in facilitating a course in your parish or locality?

For more information:- CROÍ NUA



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