Flying in the Face of Tradition: Listening to the Lived Experience of the Faithful (2012)

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Flying in the Face of Tradition_DeThomasis_2012
In this short but provocative book Brother Louis calls the institution church to account and transformation.  He does so not with any malice or mean-spiritedness, but rather with a sense of urgency and love.  He knows that several members of the institutional church have demanded that some of the issues he raises, specifically, the ordination of women, are closed and never to be discussed again.  However, using the church’s own teaching on the important role of tradition (the lived experience of the faithful ) in the historic development of church teaching, Brother Louis respectfully offers his own thoughts as an exercise in tradition to combat what he calls “a crisis of confidence” in the church itself.

ACTA Publications  /  2012  /  ISBN-10: 0879464852  ISBN-13: 978-0879464851

About the Author
Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSc, was president and professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota from 1984 to 2005 and is the co-founder and former president of the Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS). He is currently the President of CBIS-GLOBAL based in Rome, where he now resides. He is the author of many books and articles on Christian education and has received much recognition for his lifetime of service to the church.


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