God’s Dream for Creation Will Prevail: Richard Rohr & Jim Antal

Aug 26, 2020 | 0 comments

Chaos?: If that’s your summary of the global situation just now – or even your local situation – Richard Rohr believes that wherever we are in the story of humankind we are always somewhere in the following cycle: order – disorder – reorder.

For the Gospel authors and St Paul, their own time was one of chaos – disorder – but that time was ‘passing away’ – to be replaced in time by a ‘New Creation’. Jesus’s life, teachings, death and Resurrection had passed judgement on the cruel world of their time.

For Christians in many traditions this is also how we need to interpret the present moment. Today Richard’s daily email introduces Jim Antal of the United Church of Christ:

Order, Disorder, Reorder

God’s Dream for Creation
Wednesday,  August 26, 2020

In times of Disorder and deconstruction, we long for Reorder on a personal level—to be made new and whole again. But the Scriptures tell us that restoration will also happen on a communal, planetary, and even universal level! Jim Antal, a climate justice leader with the United Church of Christ, reminds us of our ability and responsibility to participate with God in the renewal and reordering of the earth. Richard Rohr OFM

“How can you know all these facts [about climate change] and still have hope?” For me, faith and hope are rooted in the conviction that, regardless of how bad things may be, a new story is waiting to take hold—something we have not yet seen or felt or experienced. . . . God is calling us—as individuals and congregations—to work with God and others to champion that new story.
For the vast majority in our society, that new story remains unseen. Wresting our future from the grip of fossil fuel seems impossible—our addiction is too strong, affordable options are too few, and the powers that defend the status quo are mighty, indeed. . . . We cannot be freed by chipping away at this millstone. We must begin to live into a new story by changing the human prospect [of destruction] and restoring creation’s viability.

In 2016 Native Americans and environmental activists stand together in Dakota against the endangerment of humanity’s most precious resource – fresh, pure water.

That’s what the Water Protectors of Standing Rock have done. Their courageous, unflinching discipline inspired thousands to join them and millions to imagine with them the new world that is waiting to be born. They prepared themselves through prayer and ritual to face down sheriffs, paramilitary contractors, attack dogs, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and high-pressure water cannons in subzero temperatures. They were fueled by hope, hope for a revolution rooted in love—love for God’s great gift of creation. . . .

We can’t accept God’s invitation to help create a new story unless we are willing to take action. We become partners with God when we act in unfamiliar, untested ways. Those new actions will be guided by a preferred future that embraces:

• resilience in place of growth
• collaboration in place of consumption
• wisdom in place of progress
• balance in place of addiction
• moderation in place of excess
• vision in place of convenience
• accountability in place of disregard
• self-giving love in place of self-centered fear . . .
As broken-hearted as God must be over what we have done to the gift of creation, God still has a dream. . . . God dreams that humans seek spiritual rather than material progress. God’s dream envisions a just world at peace because gratitude has dissolved anxiety and generosity has eclipsed greed. God dreams of a time when love and mutual respect will bind humanity together, and the profound beauty of creation will be treasured. Let us embrace God’s dream as our own. Suddenly, the horizon of our hope comes nearer.

As we live into God’s dream, we will rediscover who we truly are and all of creation will be singing.

You can sign up for Richard Rohr’s daily emails at: the Centre for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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