Healing for a Wounded Church: Diagnosis and Treatment

Mar 12, 2014 | 0 comments

A talk given by Kevin Egan D.Min at the All Hallows College Spring 2014 Series of Public Talks on Tuesday 4th March 2014. 

In his presentation Kevin adopts the role of a doctor/physician rather than a judge.  His goal is to help a critically ill patient, namely the Catholic church, by providing a diagnosis that not only looks at the symptoms but tries to get to the cause of the illness and recommend a treatment which hopefully will make a positive contribution to the patient’s recovery.  


“I undertake this reflection because I care about the future of the Catholic Church.  The condition of the ecclesial patient can best be described as serious  and this gives rise to concern. This is not a time for platitudes and reassurance, telling the patient that he/she is looking fine and will be back to robust health as soon as the antibiotics kick in.  ………… if we care about our Church we need to acknowledge the terminal state of the patient.”


Click here to read article in full:- ‘Healing a Wounded Church: Diagnosis and Treatment’


Future speakers at this series of Lenten talks in All Hallows include Cathy Molly (ACI), Brian grogan SJ, Noel McCann (ACI).
Click here for details.



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