I got a bit worried about myself over Christmas…

Jan 3, 2014 | 3 comments

Jo O’Sullivan, a member of ACI and a regular contributor to the ACI and ACP forums, tells us of her Christmas and says that she “became a bit ‘Holy!'” Click here to read “I got a bit worried about myself over Christmas!”

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping wasn’t on Jo’s mind…


  1. Sean O'Conaill

    That’s quite the best ‘Christmas’ column I have read so far. Jo – you should send that to Gerry Moloney of Reality – it’s perfect for that. You brought back to me the sight of little girls ‘being holy’ after First Communion in the 1950s – those little hands joined in a perfect spire and eyes turned heavenward, as their heads explored what they would do with the coins in their little white handbags! Holy Jo indeed!

  2. Treasa Healy

    Jo, what a beautiful description of your soul’s progress to a deepening spirituality, and the struggle you are experiencing in catching up. Someone once wrote about ‘The God of Surprises’ – and aren’t we most surprised when this loving God works on ourselves in gentle promptings and veering us ever inwards to ‘see’ more clearly what really matters? May you enjoy the journey.
    Treasa, Cork.

  3. Suzanne McCann

    Jo, Thank you for sharing this beautiful, challenging perspective on Christmas. I found myself having read the piece coming to the conclusion that what we really need, in particular in 2014, is many more ‘Revolting Catholics’ with the courage to ‘come out’ and express our opinions on the model of church we are hoping will emerge from the reform and renewal process initiated by Pope Francis. Of course, as you have rightly said Jo, we must be tolerant of those who are not in agreement with our views, but this should not be a reason to fail to express our position at each and every opportunity.


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