Megan Rice Released

May 18, 2015 | 1 comment


Sister Megan Rice, 85

Anti-nuclear activist Sister Megan Rice has been released from prison in the US, having served two years  for breaking into a nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in 2012.

Of Irish descent, Megan is a member of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, the same religious order as ACI’s Teresa Mee.

Click here for the full BBC report of Megan’s release order.

Click here for Megan’s Wikipedia page.

Click here for ‘Transform Now Plowshares‘ – the website of the anti-nuclear group to which Megan belongs.

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  1. Mary Vallely

    Megan is such an amazing woman! Even in the most appalling prison conditions she just accepted it and got on with being a witness for Christ and I’m quite sure the Holy Spirit had her/his reasons for placing her there. The other prisoners, and we automatically think of “prisoner” in our prejudiced minds as someone who no longer has any control or power to make decisions – almost like a non-person perhaps – must have benefitted from her joy in just being there for Christ. There is always a silver lining and doesn’t it shine forth in Megan’s face! 🙂


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