Petition to reinstate Rev. Professor Hans Küng as an official Catholic theologian

Apr 10, 2016 | 4 comments



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Dear Pope Francis,

In keeping with Canon Law 212 §2 and §3, and your expressed wish, all baptized Christians have the right to speak openly about their concerns for our Church. We regard Fr Hans Küng, a renowned and respected theologian, to be preeminently competent in this regard.

Fr Küng is 88 years old and over his lifetime has made an extensive contribution to interpreting the significance and uniqueness of Christ. In doing so over many decades he has demonstrated a deep love for the Church and for the truth. He remains a Ministerial Priest in good standing. However, his license to teach as a Catholic theologian was withdrawn many years ago.

We ask that we do not wait until years after his death to reinstate him, as was the case with Galileo, Teilhard de Chardin, and other distinguished Fathers of the past.

Pope Francis, we earnestly and respectfully urge you to reinstate him now.

Catholic Church Reform International’s mission is to activate and strengthen the voice of the People of God in order to reform injustices and inequalities in Church teaching and practice, which inhibits relationship with God.


  1. Roy Donovan

    I support this petition wholeheartedly. Well done. A great practical idea

  2. Máire Ní Fhloinn

    I too support this petition.

  3. Kathleen Faley

    I signed the petition in support of the re-instatement of Rev. Professor Hans Kung, Catholic Theologian.He should at least have the comfort of knowing that he has been re-instated before he dies.

  4. John Lowther

    I support this petition. I thank Hans personally and I thank God that the world is a better place because of him. With a great interest in matters of the world he has used his studies to make friends and talk to opponents across the religions and across the world provoking their interest. A kind and generous man who has loved and served his sisters and brothers and friends in the Lord.


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