Prayers for Holy Thursday – 29-03-2018

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In our gospel reading tonight, Jesus reminds us that in the washing of feet, he has given us a model to follow.  We pray that in our every thought and action we be loyal followers of Christ treating our fellow man and woman with kindness, honesty and love.

We pray to the Lord                                        R. Lord, hear our prayer

Lord, in our moments of confusion and doubt , we ask that you be at our side.   You promised Peter that he would understand the meaning of the washing of the feet later.  Help us to trust in you and persevere when our faith is weak.

We pray to the Lord                                        R. Lord, hear our prayer

As we reflect on this night when Jesus asked the apostles to stay awake with him, we pray that as Christians we hear that message, be vigilant and be supportive of his message to a very troubled world.

We pray to the Lord                                        R. Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord Jesus, in our world today, so many of us are hungry for spiritual nourishment.  May we be always grateful for your  giving of yourself at the Last Supper and help us to appreciate the Eucharist which is celebrated in our churches every day.

We pray to the Lord                                        R. Lord, hear our prayer

During this Holy Week, we pray for the grace to reflect on the Way of the Cross and the suffering which Jesus endured out of love for us.

We pray to the Lord                                        R. Lord, hear our prayer

At this time, when Mary, Our Mother, suffered the loss of her beloved Son, we remember in our prayers the mothers and fathers of those who in the past year have suffered the loss of children and loved ones.

We pray to the  Lord                                       R. Lord, hear our prayer.

We bow our heads and remember in silence our own personal intentions and the intentions of those who have asked for our prayers.


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