‘Show Solidarity With Refugees’: Archbishop Dermot Farrell

Jan 23, 2024 | 0 comments

Archbishop Dermot Farrell of Dublin

“Our world is changing, and we find ourselves in a new era of migration. It challenges us in all the dimensions of our life together as a community. History will judge how we respond. God’s word brings home to us that we are all brothers and sisters. Our God-given gifts will help us put into practice what this means. The call is urgent.”

This was Archbishop Dermot Farrell of Dublin in a homily centred on the story of the prophet Jonah, on Jan 21st, 2024.

Calling for people to ‘speak up for truth about migration and population change’. the archbishop called for an end to ‘the misinformation that is spread to stir up suspicion and hatred’.

His call came in the wake of examples of local Irish concern for the strain put on resources, reportedly in some cases being exploited to stir up opposition to the placing of refugees in local accommodation.  In some cases buildings reportedly earmarked to house refugees have suffered arson attacks.

“The heart of our faith is compassion. Remember the Samaritan! (Luke 10:25–37) We are called to solidarity with our least fortunate brothers and sisters, to use our creativity, energy and resources to make life better. But we are also called to solidarity with those who are asked to accept into their community those who need shelter. It is right that the practical consequences for communities be recognised and addressed. Parish communities have been to the fore in this regard, but it is also a matter for the public authorities: we are all called to play our part, so society as a whole must give practical support to host communities in proportion to the scale of the responsibility they are asked to assume.”

For the complete homily on the Dublin archdiocesan website, click here.


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