Steering Group is Formed, Summer 2012

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The Steering Group is Formed
The Steering Group which set about the task in hand was comprised of a number of those who had
organised the All Hallows meeting plus others who attended that meeting and volunteered to
contribute to the work of the Steering Group.

In forming the Steering Group the aim was to be as representative as possible not only in terms of
age, gender and geography but also in terms of ensuring that the established lay, reform groups had
representation on the group.

The first meeting of the Steering Group took place in Dublin on the 26th June 2012. In attendance
were Jacqueline Nelson (We are Church), Tony Corcoran (Pobal De), Martin Murray (Voice of the
Faithful), Noel McCann (Howth Parish Reform Group),Patricia Higgins (unaligned), Tom Curran (unaligned), Cathy Molloy (unaligned) and a representative of a group of young adults interested in reform and renewal in the Church. The Steering Group members prioritised the immediate issues, agreed a meeting schedule and proceeded to address the ‘task at hand.’

In terms of meeting procedures it was agreed at the first meeting that for future meetings the
tasks of ‘chairing’ and ‘minute taking’ would be rotated between the members.
After considerable deliberation and consultation by the Steering Group a Draft Statement of
Objectives was produced in September 2012 . The Association of Catholics in Ireland [ACI] was the
name adopted for the new organisation. Publication of the ‘Statement of Objectives’ on the ACP
website and a dedicated ACI email facility were used to encourage discussion and comment on the
draft ‘Statement’.

A Steering Group member spoke at two ACP Autumn Assemblies – in Galway on the 6th October and
in Cork on the 13th October. These assemblies provided very timely opportunities to promote the
ACI and publicise the planned General Meeting scheduled for November 10th 2012.


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