Sunday January 5th: Survey Deadline

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Sunday Jan 5th 2014 at midnight will be the final deadline for online submission for the of the ACI survey on the family. Many thanks if you have already completed the survey. If you have not yet had a chance we would like to warmly encourage you to do so over the weekend. Once you have completed the survey, you may wish to share your thoughts on it, via our online discussion forum.  

futureThe ACI survey is based on a combination of the original Vatican survey (click here to view the Preparatory Vatican Document) and a version designed by the Church Reform Movement in the USA.   This approach was adopted to enable ease of completion for those taking the survey, however, all original themes and questions contained in the Vatican document are included.

We have made available official CSO statistics on family composition from the 2011 Census in the Republic of Ireland to assist with your completion of the survey. Click here to access them.

This development offers an unprecedented opportunity for ordinary Catholics to have their views on a range of critical family issues conveyed to Pope Francis and the authorities in the Vatican in advance of the 2014 Synod. It is imperative that the maximum number of people participate in this survey. Every contribution is important and the ACI Steering Group urge you to take time to complete the survey.

Data Analysis and Survey Results

The ACI have engaged an independent consultant to analyse the data and to compile a report from the aggregated responses. Some data will be presented in chart and table format while the more narrative data will be reported under key themes. Additionally, individual responses and comments will be reported in a separate appendix. In this way, nobody’s comments will go un-reported or un-represented. All data reported will be anonymised. This report will be sent to the Vatican, the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference and will also be published on the ACI website.

Remember by taking the time to complete this survey you are availing  of (probably)  the first opportunity in your lifetime to have a voice in Church governance and the development of policy in relation to family life!

Instructions for Completing the Survey

  1. A PDF version of the questionnaire can be accessed below. You are advised to read through this version prior to logging on to complete the survey. You could print this and take your time to read it, it gives you space to reflect and fully understand the questions before answering, because once you enter the live link you must complete the survey, you cannot save it and come back later.
    Click here to download the PDF version of the Church Teaching Survey.
  2. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the full survey. While it is preferable that you complete the full questionnaire you may, if you chose, respond only to those questions which are pertinent to your particular circumstances.
  3. You can click forward and back through the pages of the survey but once you submit your responses on the final page, you cannot re-open your questionnaire.
  4. Queries or questions about the survey should be emailed to
  5.  If you experience technical difficulties with SurveyMonkey please email

Click here to take survey

(Or copy and paste this URL into your browser:

ACI Steering Group    


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