“Take Me To Church”

Jan 10, 2014 | 2 comments

This week, former President Mary McAleese’s discontent with how gay and lesbian people are received in our Church was published. Also this week the Irish artist Hozier climbed international charts with his song Take Me to Church. Accompanied with a dramatic video, this song laments on how unwelcome some souls feel when at church. Mary Anne Stokes reflects on this and recommends the film For The Bible Tells Me So, as it presents the stories of many such people, who were not welcomed to the house of God.

Click here to read “Take Me to Church


For The Bible Tells Me So, a 2007 American production.


  1. Sean O'Conaill

    Why does one always have to click on a second page to reach an article linked from the front page of this site? If an article needs a longer introduction than can be placed on the front page, couldn’t that intro be placed above the article, on the same page?

  2. maryanne

    It is a fair point but such is the structure of the WordPress Blog (which this page technically is). In the early days we tried to have the article on the second page but it became difficult to read and print. Having articles as PDFs allow easier downloads, easier print offs and ultimately a greater reach of readers both on and offline.


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