The Catholica Conversations (Nov 2013)

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The Australian Catholic reform website Catholica have launched what they intend to be, the first in a series of extended online video conversations, essentially discussing the future for religion in a world where most people seem to have lost interest – at least in the developed world.  Their hope is that these conversations will not be just between experts, but that they will stimulate conversation, particularly among Catholics, regarding the current state and future of the faith they profess.

Generally speaking as a Catholic people we have not been encouraged or deemed capable of conversations such as these by those in authority.  But as these videos demonstrate,  they are conversations that can and should happen if our faith is to be kept alive and vital and worthy of passing on to future generations.

Why not set aside some time to watch these videos in the full over a period of time.  Maybe they will serve as a catalyst and model for Catholics here in Ireland as we too endeavor to find our voices.

Congratulations and thanks to all involved; the panel, Fr Eugene Stockton, Professor David Tacey, Peter B. Todd,  Dr Kevin Treston; the facilitator, Stephen Crittenden and a special word of thanks to  producer Brain Coyne for all his hard work in making this inspirational resource available to us worldwide.


Conversation 1  “Where has God gone in peoples’ lives today?”

Conversation 2 “The challenge posed to religion posed by rationalism, science and atheism”

Conversation 3  “The challenge posed to religion by fundamentalism”

Conversation 4  “Re-visiting the foundational stories of belief; the Genesis story”

Conversation 5  “The search for a universal theology”

Conversation 6  “Should our religious and spiritual beliefs and practices contribute to our physical, mental and emotional health?”


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