The Chain that binds the earth by Sean O’Conaill (2015)

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About the Author/About the Book
Sean O Conaill taught history and current affairs to young adults for thirty years. Observing patterns of conflict
and overconsumption that linked past, present, and future, he retired in 1996 to write about these in ways suggested by the young people and the courses he had taught. His first book, Scattering the Proud, argued that all major human problems arise out of a needless tendency to seek the admiration of others—and that the Jewish and Christian scriptures are centrally a revelation of this problem. In over a hundred subsequent articles, he developed these ideas in major Irish Catholic periodicals, proving their relevance to all of the crises of the early twenty-first century.

The Chain That Binds the Earth draws these themes together in a work of fiction for young adults.

The Story

Johnny Mullan wants to understand why bullying happens – and not just in school. Margaret Phillips is troubled by the threat to the Earth environment, and wonders what to do about  hat. Eddy Li is fascinated by crime of all kinds and wants to be a detective. Mary McNevin wonders why there are so many different problems, and wants to write songs that will help. When these four meet in their first year at their second-level school – Iona College – they come to the conclusion that all of the major problems that interest them have a common cause. When they argue their case in a school debate they find themselves opposed by a senior teacher, and are threatened with censorship or expulsion. They discover that their school is itself divided, and are faced with an important choice. Challenged to abandon their own deepest convictions, Johnny, Margaret, Eddy and Mary stand firm – not knowing how this will affect their friendship and the rest of their lives.

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Book Launch
Address by Bishop Donal McKeown HERE 

Reader Endorsements
I really enjoyed the book. I felt that the characters were realistic, as were the problems they faced. The plot was
gripping and I didn’t want to stop reading.  
Cait Passmore, 14

The Chain that Binds the Earth is a compelling novel that you feel a part of as soon as you start reading. It shows
the power of friendship and love, and there is never a dull moment. You always want to keep reading on, and you are never disappointed when you do. The book is filled with strong, likeable characters whom I quickly grew to love.
Unputdownable and utterly brilliant.
David Brussard, 14


The Chain that binds the Earth
Paperback: 426 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (May 2015)
ISBN 978-1-5049-4228-7 (sc)
ISBN 978-1-5049-4229-4 (e)

Available in Paperback and Kindle version

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