The Imperishable Greatness of America

Apr 8, 2020 | 2 comments


USS Theodore Roosevelt – now stricken by Coronavirus at Guam

In the midst of their own agony, do the sailors of America’s ‘Big Stick‘, struggling against a nanometric and covert airborne enemy, realise that they have already won the world’s greatest ever war?

The war against the divisions and rivalries that have always kept us humans at war with one another?

Are they watching now as the entire human family unites to fight a totally different war – against a totally non-human enemy?

Do they realise that the American spirit that led the West to victory in the greatest ever human-against-human war – World War II – is also allowing the whole world family to unite to watch this war being fought, and won, in their own homes?

And to unite with their own families, to wish them well?

Where did most of the technology that has made this possible come from, if not from America?

The ‘Big Stick’s crew are also making the whole world unafraid of America, in their own present illness.

Because their Commander Brett Crozier put love of them above his own career by appealing for more help to those above him in the chain of command.

Proving that love overcomes doubt in the greatest crises of our lives.

The secret of integrity. The Jonah Factor. 

Without America how could the West have conquered the two greatest 20th century threats to human freedom, Nazism and Communism.

Now it is mostly American technology that has connected the human family in real time,

and American compassion and integrity that now shows us that truly we are all in the same boat, struggling to make it home in the same heavy sea.


Sean O’Conaill

(Based in Ireland – I probably wouldn’t have had a life worth living, or have an American Family and American grandchildren [watching this war together online)], but for American blood shed in some of the greatest battles ever fought.)

ACI Submission to Conference of Irish Bishops – 01/10/2019


  1. Patricia Fitzsimons

    Love the new format Sean and yes it was amazing to see Commander Brett do what he did. You are kind about the US I will have to keep creating that as some of their institutional responses are less than kind

  2. Tom McMahon

    Congratulations and appreciation to Sean for his awareness and insights into American Greatness. We sorely need the recognition. I am a seasoned 91 year old survivor of the American way of stressful life, a teen age boy who witnessed a distraught mother while two brothers served at sea in WW2; an adult parish priest educating in Vatican II institutional church reform, and military chaplain during the Vietnam era; a promotor of human values as licensed behaviourial therapist and prostate cancer survivor. I have served as chaplain on aircraft carrier Ranger and I rejoice with the conduct of Captain Brett Crozier as he exercised his duty to protect the value of the human life of his crew. Thanks Sean, for featuring this brave officer and the meaningful well-desered compliments you offer to the people of America. Being human in crisis can be difficult, confusing, challenging, and fortunate. Tom in San Jose, married now 43 years, two sons and five grandkids.


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