The school placement debate: Margaret Lee weighs in

Aug 25, 2015 | 0 comments


Is the Irish Catholic Church suffering unnecessary adverse publicity by failing to rise to the challenge of those parents who cannot find places for their children in schools of their own choice?

In a ‘Rite and Reason’ article in the Irish Times, August 25th 2015, Margaret Lee writes:

“I believe that it would be in the church’s best interest to be proactive in handing over some rural schools to the State, which would then have to decide whether it wanted to operate these schools under the auspices of a body like the VEC or Educate Together.

“The church could then concentrate on having genuine faith-based schools where it could promote and foster its particular practices and traditions unapologetically.”

Margaret Lee is a member of the Seeds of Hope group in Killaloe’s Catholic diocese, which affiliated to the lay Association of Catholics in Ireland last year.

For Margaret’s complete article in the Irish Times, click here.


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