What is the Emerging Church?

Sep 14, 2013 | 0 comments

We live in a turbulent and difficult time for the church.  Many worry for their families and wonder will faith remain an integral part of their lives in the future.  So has the Holy Spirit gone on holiday or is that Spirit doing as someone has said, ‘a new thing with the ancient story.’  Franciscan Fr Richard Rohr is in no doubt that its the latter.  Something very new is indeed happening.  Some are calling the ‘The Emerging Church’.  There is a new wave of renewal, but its not like anything we have experienced before.  The Holy Spirit is alive and active in our post-modern world.

The following nine Youtube videos (each 10 minutes in duration) make up a talk given by Fr Richard on the theme:-
‘What is the Emerging Church?’
Fr Richard Rohr 01
Emerging Church (Part 1)  (10 mins) Richard’s talk begins at 5:20mins

Emerging Church (Part 2)  (10 mins) Alternative starting point

Emerging Church (Part 3)  (10 mins)

Emerging Church (Part 4)  (10 mins approx.  NB: This one part is audio as there was a fault in the YouTube video)

Emerging Church (Part 5)  (10 mins)

Emerging Church (Part 6)  (10 mins)

Emerging Church (Part 7)  (10 mins)

Emerging Church (Part 8)  (10 mins)

Emerging Church (Part 9)  (10 mins)

Other Richard Rohr CD and DVD material on the Emerging Church theme can be purchased at:



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