ZOOM – ‘Repent!’ : What Does This Mean in 2023? – Archbishop Eamon Martin

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“Turn away from sin – repent and believe in the Gospel”

What does this mean for us in 2023?

Archbishop Eamon Martin

ZOOM – 16th Feb 2023 – 8.00 pm

With the world facing multiple challenges – from climate change to war in Ukraine, mass migration and crippling inflation – the Catholic Church is in the midst of its own struggles – in Ireland as in the West more generally. Secularising forces are very ready to speak of ‘the historical sins of the Church’ while our seminaries speak of an impending scarcity of ordained ministers of the Eucharist. Meanwhile the Irish Bishops Conference has itself endorsed the view of Ireland’s National Synodal Synthesis that a ‘reckoning’ has still to be achieved on the issue of clerical child abuse. The same synodal synthesis lamented the ageing and shrinking of congregations and our apparent unreadiness for ‘evangelisation’.
Vocal personally on issues of child poverty, immigration, the threats to peace in Northern Ireland and the challenge of climate change to the Christian understanding of ‘sacrifice’, how will Archbishop Eamon address the challenge to us all to ‘Repent’ as we approach Lent in 2023? With Pope Francis lamenting a ‘fixation’ with sexuality do we need to broaden our understanding of sin, to include even a tendency to despair of the Church when, as the Pope insisted in 2019, ‘Christus Vivit!‘ – Christ lives and is still with us in all tribulation?
To hear the archbishop and participate in the discussion that follows, why not join us on Thursday 16th February.  To join at the appointed time, click the Zoom link below:


Meeting ID: 992 418 6865
Passcode: 123456


Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh is President of the Irish Episcopal Conference and co-chair of the Episcopal Council for Marriage and the Family. A short biography is available here.


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