Category: Faith Formation

Irish Catholic Schools: Avoidance of Research Threatens Integrity

A retired principal's candour raises a stark question: is avoidance of research into the true state of 'faith formation' in Irish Catholic schools fostering hypocrisy?

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Faith Formation and Fear of Shame: Sean O’Conaill

Why have Irish Bishops not researched the reasons for the disappearance of school-going teenagers from church? Have they cause for concern about the likely results of such research?

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Faith formation? Take it out of schools altogether!

Sean O'Conaill argues that our school-centred system of 'faith formation' is a major factor in the growing existential crisis of Catholicism in Ireland.

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Faith formation: the role of home, parish and school

Aidan Hart outlines a model of faith formation centred on the family and parish, supported by and influencing the school.

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First Comes the Experience of God’s Unconditional Love

The importance of the Catechism is unquestionable, but, for Aidan Hart, it is the experience of God's love that always comes first in the development of faith.

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