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ACI Goes Online

In February 2013, following an extensive consultation process, a website designer and a separate website developer were appointed to set up the ACI website. The website went live on May 14th and hope to continue growing and developing. Members will soon be able to log into forums and access a greater range of materials. As...

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Tony Flannery is Supported by ACI, January 26th 2013

ACI PRESS RELEASE January 26th 2013 ACI speaks out on Fr. Tony Flannery Controversy In light of comments from Fr. Tony during the week which clarified the chronology of events and the role of the CDF in the controversy in recent months the ACI deemed it appropriate to address an ‘open letter’ to the Papal...

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Opening Our Arms to an Inclusive Church

The Association of Catholics in Ireland is open to all who share our views. ACI’s motto is to follow Christ and to change the Catholic Church. We welcome all who have the ideas and commitment to help us work towards a genuine reform and renewal of our Church. Click here to read our Statement of Objectives.

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